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On The Pass

Mar 16, 2022

The addition of Mezcal to menus has been on a high rise the last few years, yet it still feels like it’s just the beginning for this complex and storied spirit. 

Rafael Shin, Founder of Agua Mágica Mezcal, is looking to change how people interact with the sprit by honoring the Oaxacan culture and its people, where almost 90% of all Mezcals' are made.

Having grown up in Mexico, Rafael shares personal stories about his introduction to Oaxaca, the first time he ever tried Mezcal, and the spark that brought Agua Mágica to life.

We talk about how he chose Mezcalero Don Rogelio to partner and co-own the brand with, and dive into the important brand mission to empower local entrepreneurship.

Listen now to Rafael Shin of Agua Mágica Mezcal!


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